BBC 1 DJ Kissy Sell Out debates Stephen Fry, “Classical music is irrelevant to young people”

Need more proof that electronic music is taking over? Look no further than one of the most prestigious institutions on the planet, Cambridge University, holding a debate between BBC 1 resident Kissy Sell Out and British comedian Stephen Fry on whether or not classical music is still relevant.

According to Kissy “Classical music is an elitist form of artistic expression […] it’s something that comes from the high classes, it’s aimed at the high classes.” Fry rebuts that just because you do not understand a scientific paper does not mean it is not relevant to you, the same applies to classical music.

Our opinion? Without classical music, arpeggios, big room chord progressions and melodic drops would never have existed in the first place; the composers of the past paved the way for the producers of today — replacing powder wigs and pianos with backwards hats and synthesizers.

Whose side are you on? Start the debate in the comments section.

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