Cazzette – Bjornstammen (Original Mix)Cazzette Ultra Music Festival 3

Cazzette – Bjornstammen (Original Mix)

Cazzette has been working to finely craft ‘dub house’ as its own sub genre, and quite simply, it works. “Bjornstammen” starts off with a mild kick that leads into an interesting Caribbean / African-style melody before bringing in the grungy dub bass that characterizes Cazzette’s music. The song sounds all over the place at first, but all the random noises come together fully with the lyrics — which are in Swedish. They translate to, “Wherever I turn in the world, I still stand here with empty hands, Waiting for something to save me.” It’s nice to see Cazzette releasing an original production given their love of crafting remixes, but unfortunately we don’t have a release date for this track yet..

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