Cedric Gervais’ ‘Molly’ music video brings sexual tension to a whole new level

There’s no hotter topic in the EDM world right now than Cedric Gervais and some ‘girl’ named “Molly.” The signs were plastered everywhere at Ultra, and Madonna — nay, MDNA — asked a controversial question about the drug song. No matter your thoughts on the tune’s true meaning or its musical qualities, Spinnin’ Records has just released the video for the track — and we must admit that this video is flat out sexy. We’ve seen multiple videos that have sexual innuendos scattered throughout them, but this is the first one purely about sex. It’s everywhere and it encompasses every second of the video; if the saying “sex sells” bears any truth — this is going to be a blockbuster hit.

Via: YouTube (Spinnin Records)

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