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Chuckie outs “Electro Dude” preview along with new free downloads

Like Kaskade, Chuckie is good at sporadically uploading free music to his SoundCloud — and yesterday was one of those occasions. Not only did he offer up an original bootleg of “Who Is Ready To Jump” and an SHM mashup called “Antikiss,” but he also gave us a preview of  his upcoming release “Electro Dude.”

While the bootleg and mashup are good, the preview is even better. “Electro Dude” is so dirty you’ll probably need a shower after just one listen. The minor dirty Dutch elements mixed with electro sounds sound like a match made in musical heaven. Head over to Chuckie’s SoundCloud to claim your free downloads. Other DJ’s take note: sharing is caring.

Via: Twitter (Chuckie)

Release Date: April 30th

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