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David Puentez – Envy (Preview)

German-born David Puentez has released a preview of his new single, “Envy,” and we’re digging it. In conjunction with the original mix he’s also included a remix by Muzzaik, which will drop on the same day. Puentez’ last release was reminiscent of Avicii and although “Envy” starts off similarly that’s where the similarities end.

The track’s build up is soft and melodic but the drop hits hard. The tough beats at the end of the preview remind us slightly of “Disco Electrique” by the Bingo Players and Chocolate Puma — if for some reason you haven’t heard this yet we highly encourage you to check it out.

Check out Muzzaik’s remix after the jump.

Muzzaik’s remix maintains the original’s melodic build up albeit with minor additions but the drop is where the differences really kick in. Muzzaik’s drop is a bit softer and introduces drums into the mix. Although we enjoy Muzzaik’s take on the song, we’re partial to the original. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

Via: David Puentez

Release Date: April 17th

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