Deadmau5 continues SoundCloud spontaneity with two new tracks (update: three)5842242022 B25132de9c B

Deadmau5 continues SoundCloud spontaneity with two new tracks (update: three)

Joel Zimmerman AKA Deadmau5 was one of the first electronic artists to hit it big in the mainstream, but is now the poster boy for going against the grain. While most DJs spent Miami Music Week busy with non-stop with shows, Deadmau5 spent his time at ‘mau5hax,’ a day-long interactive studio session. While touring, for most artists, is heating up, Deadmau5 seems more comfortable than ever with his unofficial hiatus from the cube. While most producers follow the preview-and-release formula for their productions, Deadmau5 spontaneously uploads new tracks to SoundCloud (usually in the middle of the night) with no thought or desire to cash in.

The last time he posted a series of tracks to SoundCloud, only one made it to an official preview – “The Veldt.” Deadmau5 shows no signs of stopping as he has posted two new songs this week: “Rlyehs Lament,” is a simple and peaceful loop, the other, “Fn Pig,” is the complete opposite and contains the buildups and crashes that we love so much. Listen to his latest pieces of work below the jump.

Update: We can barely keep up with Deadmau5… He’s already uploaded another preview for “Closer Rev.2” to his SoundCloud. Check it below.

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