Deadmau5 premieres ‘The Veldt’ ahead of June 25 EP release

Several times over the past month, Deadmau5 has invited fans into his new studio to ask questions, meet his cat, and most of all, witness the production of “The Veldt.” Despite clocking in at over eight minutes long, the instrumental was simply a revolving loop. That was before Joel Zimmerman met Chris James and decided that he had found the vocal for his track — all thanks to Twitter.

Deadmau5 instantly fell in love, and within minutes, called James to tell him he would like to release it as is. The beat is light, uplifting, and absent of any heavy crashes or drops — and Deadmau5 has appropriately dubbed it ‘veldstep.’ While we know “The Veldt” has been in the works for over a month, Deadmau5 calls the radio edit of the track a “rush job,” and we can tell you that The Veldt EP will be coming June 25th, including the aforementioned track and “Failbait,” which features Cyprus Hill.

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