Martin Solveig- The Night Out EPThe Night Out Ep

Martin Solveig- The Night Out EP

Although you may not have realized, Frenchman Martin Solveig has released his newest EP, The Night Out. It feature

s “The Night Out” and five different remixes — some of which we have already heard — plus four other Solveig songs. The album has a poppy feel to it and is pretty much a compilation of all his biggest hits from his last album, Smash. We listened to the whole thing and picked out our favorite songs. Check past the break for the evaluation.

The Night Out (A-Trak vs Martin Rework)

Very similar to the original mix but with a little bit of flare from A-trak. The added synths make the song more interesting but this definitely doesn’t live up to A-Trak’s own remix.

The Night Out (Madeon Remix)

This remix is easily one of the best tracks on the EP and competes with A-Trak’s remix for best remix of “The Night Out.” The nu disco style that Madeon has adapted really works well with the original lyrics. It doesn’t stray to far from the original but Madeon just seems to perfect it.

The Night Out (A-Trak Remix)

This is definitely the hardest remix of the package. A-Trak makes the orignal look lame by peppering it with champagne bottle pops, “Foooools Gold” vocals, and a distinct vibrating rattle that culminates into a deep drop. A-Trak seems to favor quality over quantity — which is fine by us if he continues churning out finely-produced tracks.

The Night Out (Original Mix)

After hearing the remixes, the original just seems boring. A-Trak and Madeon both have offerings better than the original, you can probably skip this one.

Can’t Stop Ft. Dragonette (Original Mix)

This song is a fun upbeat pop song. The vocals from Dragonette are total girl fire and the beat behind it is enough to make anyone want to dance. There’s a reason that this song is still in its original form.

Hello (Why Are We Whispering Remix)

This track has some weird Chiddy Bang like lyrics on top of the the original. Let’s just say rap isn’t our forte…

Ready 2 Go (Initial SHE Version)

This version is actually better than the original also. The bassline is broken down to give a wobbly bass that makes you want to turn up the volume. This version is mainly instrumentals which makes it way better for the clubs. Potential bootleg/mashup ideas anyone?

Big in Japan (Les Bros Remix)

The Les Bros remix is like a Cazzette bootleg on steroids with what it does to this track. The drop leaves it unrecognizable from the original but in a very good way.

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