Modeselektor closes out the Mojave tent at Coachella 2012, Tupac holograms be damned

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When the Coachella set list was announced and I discovered that Modeselektor was playing the same set time as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg I was faced with a difficult decision. I obviously had to see Dre and Snoop, but I wanted to see Modeselektor. In the weeks leading up to Coachella, due to many of you urging us to listen to them, I had checked out countless tracks and sets with the sole intention of seeing them perform. Three weeks later I found myself stuck on line waiting to get into the photo pit for Dre and Snoop, unable to shake the knowledge that I was missing something awesome in the Mojave tent.

Shortly after the Holo-Pac appeared, I decided that I had seen all I needed to see at the Main Stage. No other surprise guest appearance, could ever, or will ever, top a holographic Tupac Shakur creepily pantomiming to a crowd of thousands of extremely confused fans. I packed up my camera, threw it in my bag and high-tailed it over to the Mojave tent to catch the second half of Modeselektor’s set. What I saw there was incredible; with most of the festival at Dre and Snoop or Avicii, the crowd at Mojave was a tightly knit group of purist fans. Being there, watching Modeselektor perform to a crowd of their die hard fans left me speechless. Beaten down and exhausted from the last three days, I sat in the back bobbing and swaying to the music. It didn’t matter that I had no idea what track they were dropping, I was mesmerized by the uniqueness of the experience.

My phone buzzed incessantly as my friends tried to locate me, our vacation was coming to a close and it was only right that we closed out the festival together.

As I stood up and shuffled my way back towards Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, the Modeselektor beats followed me, and now, nearly a week later, they continue to resonate. I only spent 30 minutes under the Mojave tent that night. There are no pictures and there is no set list — Just these two videos and a promise to myself; the next time Modeselektor is in New York City, I will be there to cover it.

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