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Morgan Page’s ‘In The Air:’ The Dancing Astronaut Review

We, as dance fans, have been trained by our favorite DJs, our expectations honed by countless rides on the build-up/drop/breakdown roller coaster. Our insistence on bigger, badder drops and ever-louder bass can cloud our vision and make us forget about dance music’s potential to be a fully immersive experience. Morgan Page makes music to get lost in, with evocative lyrics and soothing yet carefully crafted beats. His blend of progressive and deep house is a far cry from tracks like “Atom,” a more nuanced sound with more emotional heft. On In The Air, his third studio album, Page presents songs that makes listeners feel something – something beyond floor-shaking bass, something more powerful and lasting. Read on for our review.

In The Air is best enjoyed as a whole – so as to get swept up by the artful arrangements and vaguely melancholy mood – but there are some standout tracks.

Morgan Page, Andy Caldwell & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Where Did You Go

The album begins with the title song, its delicate twinkle playing off Angela McClueksy’s breathy vocals perfectly. The first quarter of the album contains the early singles: “In The Air” and a toned-down version of the Tegan and Sara-assisted “Body Work” bracket “Where Did You Go,” which features Jonathan Mendelsohn vocals over a catchy, jumpy synth melody. Of the new tracks on the album, it’s the easy choice for radio airplay (and is begging for a Laidback Luke remix – but maybe that’s just us).

Morgan Page feat. Nadia Ali – Carry Me

Nadia Ali lends her voice to “Carry Me,” crooning over a melody that has echoes of Kaskade and Deadmau5′ “Move For Me.” Page knows how to write a damn good, incredibly catchy vocal, and bringing in stalwart EDM singer Ali was a savvy move on his part.

Morgan Page – S.O.S. (Message In A Bottle)

“S.O.S. (Message In A Bottle)” is another In The Air gem. It is carried by a metronome-like tick, a small sound that makes a big difference and gives the track a sort of nervous energy. The bridge of the song cleverly repeats the iconic “Sending out an S.O.S” lyric from the Police’s “Message In A Bottle.” It is as though Page anticipated the possible bootlegs of “S.O.S.” and beat his fellow DJs to the punch by integrating the vocal into the song.

Morgan Page feat. Shana Halligan – Gimme Plenty

Shana Halligan’s vocals on “Gimme Plenty” bring to mind another female vocalist: Kaskade’s frequent collaborator Haley. Her range and the vocals’ melody forge a connection between this track and “Only You” and “Llove” – and that’s not a bad thing. “Gimme Plenty” has the same sultry energy as the aforementioned Kaskade tracks, and an infectious chorus to boot.

Morgan Page feat. Greg Laswell – Addicted

Genre classifications aside, “Addicted” is just a beautiful song whose melody calls out to any listener. It’s a big, simple piano tune and a perfect ending to In The Air, the kind of song that plays as the lights come up after a long night out.

Morgan Page shows his range as a DJ and EDM fan often – in his SiriusXM radio show and live shows, not to mention the DA Radio episode he mixed for us – but on In The Air he sticks to the moving progressive house he knows best. His continued growth and considerable talents remind us of another California dweller and Dancing Astronaut favorite,  Kaskade. We predict that In The Air will bring Page the same kind of success that Kaskade saw with Dynasty. It’s an easy comparison to make: both producers excel in making music that truly means something.

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