“Songs Worthy of Your Subwoofer #2”: Above & Beyond – Love is Not Enough (Kaskade Remix)Kaskade Skyler Greene DA

“Songs Worthy of Your Subwoofer #2”: Above & Beyond – Love is Not Enough (Kaskade Remix)

Kaskade’s remix of Above & Beyond’s “Love Is Not Enough” is a song worthy of my subwoofer (and perhaps even yours, too). The original mix was pure trance, and it was pretty damn good. Kaskade’s remix, in my opinion, is better. It reaffirms my personal belief that Kaskade is America’s most important Mormon (Mitt Romney might disagree, but he hasn’t remixed Above & Beyond).

Here, Kaskade dilutes the overwhelming beauty of Zoë Johnston’s voice into a delightful progressive house smiler. (“Smiler” is a new term, in the vein of “banger,” which refers to tracks that bring a goofy smile to your face.) If you’ve ever seen Kaskade perform live, you know that he’s an expert mixer. It’s not hard to imagine him weaving the different rhythmic structures of “Love Is Not Enough” into a truly special dancefloor experience. The best DJs can make time feel like it’s standing still. Kaskade is one of them.

One day, my love might not be enough for my subwoofer. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t treat her right in every second of every day. For $1.29, this was more than worth the joy it brought to my beautiful baby. I implore you to buy this track.

Above & Beyond – Love Is Not Enough (Kaskade Remix)

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PS Maor Levi & Bluestone’s remix is probably worthy of your subwoofer too… After all, nothing kills a party like a weak bassline.

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