Surkin – Never Let Go (feat. Kevin Irving) [A-Trak Remix]Artworks 000021815440 U5nuo Original

Surkin – Never Let Go (feat. Kevin Irving) [A-Trak Remix]

Since we’re on the topic of selling out we strongly believe that A-Trak is one artist who will never, ever take this path. His remix of “Never Let Go” dropped today and rings true to our testament of faith. A-Trak is known for his unique samples, rowdy beats, awesome vocals, hip hop influences, retro sound, and versatile style. While his releases don’t include every one of these characteristics they generally possess at least some of them. “Never Let Go” has that awesomely retro sound, which is emphasized by Kevin Irving’s vocals. A-Trak has found a formula that works but¬†doesn’t seem to get stale so we hope he never stops doing him — whatever that means exactly.

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