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Tritonal hits 100,000 Facebook likes, gives away exclusive mashup bundle

After joining Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 550 in Miami and Den Bosch, The Netherlands, Tritional is capturing fans – tritionians, if you will – worldwide. Their buzz has been loud in the trance community and their name is finally starting to gain some recognition. The duo, which consists of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, took over Pacha NYC last night and has been announced to play EDC New York. They have just passed the impressive 100,000 Like milestone on Facebook, and have decided to give away 9 exclusive mashups to thank their fans for the support. To satisfy a heavier trance taste, the bundle includes mixes of multiple Tritional tracks but there are also offerings that include Avicii and Mat Zo to satisfy people who prefer that kind of sound. Head to their Facebook page to download the bundle and check the track list below the break.


1. Songless Magnetik (Tritional Mashup)


2. Oceanlab vs Super8 & Tab – Black is the New Secret (Tritional Mashup)


3. Andain vs Rafael Frost – As the Rush Comes into Smash (Tritonal Mashup)


4. Beautiful Monzen (Tritional Mashup)


5. Walk With Me & Hide Away (Tritional Mashup)


6. Oceanlab vs Treadstone – Your Good For Galaxia (Tritional Mashup)


7. Super8 & Tab vs Tritional – Perfect Awakenings (Tritional Mashup)


8. Tritional vs Tritional – Hands to Hold Suzu (Tritional Mashup)


9. Mat Zo vs Avicii – Sometimes I Get A Good Rebound (Tritional Mashup)


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