Usher – Climax (Diplo Bouncier Climactic Remix)Diplo Usher Clima 1

Usher – Climax (Diplo Bouncier Climactic Remix)

Usher, with his new single “Climax,” is the latest pop star to successfully add electronic music to his repertoire; and he has Diplo, who produced the track, to thank for that. Diplo, whose experience with crossing genres is well documented, helped Usher capture electro-soul using his eclectic range of talents behind the boards. Remixing his own production, he simply exaggerates the signature sounds used in Usher’s single. Aptly dubbed ‘Diplo Bouncier Climactic Remix,’ the title speaks for itself, stressing the bouncy chords injected into the R&B hit. Without changing the overall vibe of the track, Diplo reworks “Climax” to bring its electronic facet to prominence. It’s unclear whether this mix will ever be formally released, but at least it made it somewhere besides Diplo’s hard drive.

ViaSoundCloud (Diplo)

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