Vato Gonzalez – Blow Ya Stereo (Original Mix)Vato Gonzalez Blow Out Your Stereo

Vato Gonzalez – Blow Ya Stereo (Original Mix)

Mixmash records is quickly becoming the source for high energy, dance-oriented bangers. Vato Gonzalez is widely recognized as the originator of the Dirty House genre and, while we hate the over-classification of dance music, the title is very fitting. “Blow Ya Stereo” is stripped down and gritty with an echoing, dark, robotic undertone. Just like many of the other offerings on Laidback Luke’s MixMash Records this one is infectiously funky. “Blow Ya Stereo” is set to be released on April 16th, so let the bass roll and blow out your stereo.

Via: Soundcloud (Mixmash Records)