1.21 gigawatts! Blende goes back to the 80's and releases Blende Edits Volume 1

1.21 gigawatts! Blende goes back to the 80’s and releases Blende Edits Volume 1

If this is the first time you are hearing about Blende, then we apologize – his disco house gems have been floating around our harddrives and inboxes for months now. Thankfully, this London-based producer has released 4 of his remixes in a convenien

t little package – all available for free. If there was a time to hop on the disco house bandwagon, now would be it.

Blende takes four 80’s classics and infuses them with a nu-disco groove, updating them for the ears of the EDM generation. On “Controversy” he morphs a track from the funk god of the 80’s, Prince, into an Ital-disco thumper, electrifying the original’s guitar riffs and injecting a heavy dose of adrenaline into the bass line. For “Make Up” Blende goes noticeably darker, imbuing the normally sugar-coated nu-disco aesthetic with some gritty synthesizers. Blende’s remix of the Yes classic, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” plays with the original’s chorus and chord progression to create a dance-able version of the chart-topping original. The last track in the package is “Rock Your Baby” a disco track that gets nu-discofied. Blende manages to magnify the original’s bouncy groove with robotic vocals and big echoes.

Download the tracks and hop in Blende’s Delorean because where we’re going, we don’t need roads.