Afrojack’s double header at EDC NY: how the Dutchman was the life of the party (review)

At the end of his first set of on the last day of the inaugural Electric Daisy Carnival New York, Afrojack addressed the crowd of his own JACKED tent: “You know I fucking love you New York,” he said. “[Electric Zoo two years ago is] where it started, and [New York is] where I’m gonna finish it.” Well, after seeing him go on to play another 90+ minute set at the Main Stage, we can all be assured that he doesn’t plan on finishing it any time soon.

Like he did at last year’s UMF, Afrojack had a highly anticipated, if not a little controversial, double header to end the festival. In true Afrojack fashion, he brought his usual rowdy, happy go lucky, larger than life self to both of his sets, emanating an energy that makes almost anything he plays sound good.

Afrojack at Circuit Grounds JACKED tent


Afrojack was at his very own stage for his first set of the day, so it seemed appropriate that he would bring out all the stops. Aside from his awesome stage presence, the other component of an AJ set is the music, and he brought a ton of “the new shit” for all the “motherfuckers” in the house. He combined a new track he made the day beforehand with “Internet Friends,” and then dropped a “more chilled out summer song.” Another cool combo was “Paradise” with Tommy Trash’s “Cascade.”

Besides the new stuff, he threw in many obvious choices that surprised me for an Afrojack set, including “Levels,” “Nicktim,” and even “Calling” which was bootlegged with bits of Tiesto’s remix of “Can’t Stop Me” towards the end. His combination of “Somebody That I Used To Know” with “Ladi Dadi” was great, however. Even though I was a little disappointed when he dropped it again at the main stage, it made the crowd go nuts both times and if I hadn’t been at both, I wouldn’t have felt that way.

The last track of the set was something brand new, but in my opinion he clearly saved the best new track for last. Listening to the liveset again, it’s the hands-down standout of both of his sets for me, and the lack of vocal could indicate Afrojack’s confidence with that particular track too. Combined with the sentimental moment mentioned above where Afrojack talks about coming full circle in New York, it was clear that he was definitely in the zone. That’s a good thing too — since he had yet another set to play before Electric Daisy Carnival could come to a close. (Update: This track has been identified as “Rock The House.”)

Afrojack – Rock The House

Afrojack at Kinetic Field


Just 90 minutes after his first set of the day, Nick Van De Wall emerged from his trailer just a few minutes before his second set, hiding his face in a huge black hoodie and a red t-shirt that read “Holdin’ It Down.” He made a run for the newly erected platform in the middle of the stage as MC Zawdi pumped up the crowd for the incoming Dutchman, and suddenly Afrojack emerged. He started off by asking if everyone was ready for “the new shit,” dropped “Sending My Love,” and took a sip from his Grey Goose bottle. Then things got underway.

Most of the set was more new stuff but he combined his new tracks with familiar vocals as he usually does. One got “No Beef” and “The Way We See The World,” another got “Internet Friends,” another “Louder Than Words,” and we could go on. As expected, he brought out Shermanology for a live rendition of “Can’t Stop Me,” and they stayed to perform “Without You.” R3hab also appeared in the middle of the set to drop “Prutata” (sort of like Alesso and Seb).

It probably isn’t surprising that there was a bit of overlap but considering Afrojack played for nearly four hours at EDC, there was bound to be. Dyro’s “Top Of The World” and the Gotye mashup were good, but “Quasar vs Coming Home vs Aerodynamic” seemed a little too easy.

R3hab’s remix of “Give Me Everything” marked the beginning of the end after a big last burst from “In My Mind.” His first last track of the night was a big mix of “Take Over Control,” after which he again professed his love for the massive crowd, but added that he “f*cking loves” America as well.

When things were supposed to be over, he decided to play the last last track: Tiesto’s “Maximal Crazy,” which is the equivalent of running that last sprint in a long race. Things on stage actually did get crazy, with Afrojack, R3hab, and others jumping on the platform, and a sizeable posse hanging behind him.

Between his ventures beyond the DJ booth towards the front of the stage, his constant pulls of Grey Goose and cigarettes, and his intense energy, it seems hard to have not enjoyed his closing performance.

And no. Paris Hilton didn’t show up.

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