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AN21 & Max Vangeli at EDC NY: people of the night obliterate the afternoon (review)

When MetLife Stadium finally transformed into Cosmic Meadow, Size Matters was there to dominate. For AN21 & Max Vangeli, this round of Size at EDC New York was all about showcasing their new album, while filling up a football field full of anxious ravers. The new and unidentified productions came from People of the Night – or #POTN, for trending purposes – and featured the harmonious sounds and vocals that bounce around nightclubs, but with the strength of festival ambiance. The Saturday crowd flocked to their stage while they did their thing for a full-blown two-hour set – one that couldn’t be missed.

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If you’ve seen these two play before, you may have expected to hear “Valodja” blaring across Giants stadium to open the set. However, setting the tone for an afternoon of new music, they opened with “Whisper,” which has been one of the most anticipated tracks from the upcoming album. The  soulful vocal on “Whisper” was lengthened for a hearty introduction version that had the crowd patiently waiting for the first drop of the set. Following the jovial introduction with an unidentified future anthem, Vangeli finally picked up the microphone and gave a verbal preface to the New York fans.

AN21 & Max Vangeli – Whisper

They dropped their remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed,” a classic, was immediately recognized by everyone inside the stadium. After sneaking in another brand new track, the duo reverted to their famed bootleg of their own “Fresh Start” with Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa’s “United.” Following the slew of new material, AN21 and Max captured the football stadium aura with none other than “Trio” and Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman’s “Roll The Dice,” keeping  euphoria amplified.

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Next time AN21 would pick up the microphone, it would be to announce the title track from People of the Night, a collaborative effort with Tiesto. The crowd went crazy after the name drop, but even crazier when they dropped the track itself. If this was any indication of how fans will enjoy the new material, this summer’s release will be an extraordinary one. With excitement at an obvious high, the duo chose rather safe moves and continued to play tracks like Third Party’s “Feel” and Alesso’s remix of “Titanium.”

AN21 & Max Vangeli ft. Tiesto – People of the Night

Next up was a big room bootleg of Marcel Room’s “Music is the Answer,” which lifted the crowd using a soulful vocal and anthem progression. The costumed green and pink daisies came dancing on stage as AN21 and Max mixed up the hypnotizing Donna Summer “I Feel Love” vocal with what sounded like another hot commodity from the new album. They moved into another POTN track with the working title, “This Far,” featuring vocals by Rudy. Surprisingly, most of the crowd knew the lyrics on the unreleased track, and they belted along with vigor.

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As their set was coming to an end, they gave us what we had all been waiting for, the Steve Angello collaboration “H8ers,” which put the crowd straight into rage mode again. Size Matters was officially full throttle by the time Steve’s kid brother and the Russian mad man walked off stage, and those in attendance for the two-hour show were lucky enough to preview People of the Night in near entirety. Having ditched some late night club antics, for one day only, we can safely say that AN21 and Max were the people of the afternoon.

Steve Angello, AN21 & Max Vangeli – H8ers


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