Calvin Harris announced as HQ Nightclub and HQ Beach Club in Atlantic City’s resident DJ

Atlantic City, New Jersey is probably best described as Las Vegas’ deadbeat little brother. It lives in the shadow of its far superior counterpart, attempting to mimic the Vegas ideology and grandeur but without any of the panache. However, HQ Nightclub and HQ Beach Club at Revel are attempting to change that image by introducing a variety of sleeker events at their more sophisticated venues. To get the ball rolling they’ve just announced that Calvin Harris has been named their resident DJ. Harris, who has captivated listeners with his productions will now captivate HQ club attendees with five upcoming performances — dates to be announced in the near future.

Revel, and it’s attached venues, only opened it’s doors for the first time on April 2nd but is already beginning to make a name for itself with a growing lineup of talent. Not only has the club procured Harris, but Avicii is also scheduled to perform on June 16th. In addition to it’s growing roster, the nightclub boasts four levels of fun — each with a different ambience . Combined with beach club pool parties that Revel is set to rival Atlantic City’s established clubs. Angel Management Group — the same group responsible for Wet Republic in Las Vegas — are the masterminds behind these events, eliminating any doubt that these announcements were all hype and no substance. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements from Revel.

Via: Angel Management Group

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