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Chuckie at EDC NY: 5 Tracks You Need To Know

The scene at Electric Daisy Carnival, NY was a messy splatter painting of lights, neon, and babes wearing daisies but its most important feature was inevitably the music. EDM fans from all over the world flocked to Met Life stadium to hear a variety of DJ’s perform — one of them being Chuckie. He delivered an electro heavy set but also peppered it with his signature dirty Dutch sounds, pop-vocal acapellas, dubstep, and more. Chuckie’s sonic DNA is a definite festival and fan favorite, however, I heavily prefer an eclectic mix to a set dominated by a single sound or sub-genre.

Chuckie’s beats kept the crowd going but so too did his own energy. Rather than stand behind the booth quietly mixing and selecting, — as some DJs opt to do — he chose to amp up the crowd with consistent interaction and declarations of love for both his fans and New York. While the set was solid in its entirety there were some definite standout songs, so without further ado, here are five tracks you need to know.

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1. Chuckie – Who’s Ready To Jump (Nico Hamuy and DJ Ortzy Remix)

As the familiar bass line blared through the speakers, accompanied by Chuckie chanting, “Who is ready to jump,” everyone — myself included — thought they knew what was coming. Instead, the Surinamese DJ pleasantly surprised the crowd with this unexpected remix of his popular track, which quite literally caused the crowd to jump. He did eventually drop the acapella of “Who’s Ready To Jump” but Nico Hamuy and DJ Ortzy’s remix was definitely the crowd favorite.

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2. Chardy – Kik Fck (Harrys & Fly Remix)

Chuckie dropped Harrys & Fly’s remix of Kik Fck during his BBC Radio 1 Residency a few weeks earlier and saw it fitting to play again at EDC. His support of up and coming producers is important mostly because it helps expose listeners to songs they might never have heard otherwise — an important part of being a big name DJ. With all the incredible music at their disposal I sometimes wonder why popular producers sets are often dominated by songs so many of us have heard five, ten, and twenty times before. Hearing tracks you know is fun but hearing bombs you’ve never heard before is better.

**Joachim Garraud also supported the track in ZeMIXX 230 and 237.

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3. Example Vs. Antoine Clamaran – Changed The Tribe (Chuckie Gatecrasher Mash Up)

The familiar vocals of “Changed The Way You Kissed Me” combined with beats from Antoine Clamaran’s “The Tribe” body slammed listeners as it reverberated through the crowd. I even found myself singing the addictive lyrics throughout the remainder of the day.

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4. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

Kernkraft 400 is an absolute classic tune that came out in 2000, years before EDM hit it’s stride in America. However, if the title doesn’t look familiar but you’ve ever been to a sporting event — or even watched one — press play because you’ve probably heard it. The track is known for pumping up sports fans but that isn’t the only type of fan it energizes — “Kernkraft 400” seemed to have the same effect on the crowd at Kinetic Field.

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5. Dada Life – Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Chuckie Remix)

I’m not sure what draws me to Dada Life more, their crazy personalities or crazy beats – but either way, you can’t go wrong with some bananas and champagne in your set. However, because Chuckie was DJing it seemed only fitting that he drop his own version of “Rolling Stone T-Shirt.” The bass-heavy track seemed to be a crowd favorite and one that everyone could sing along to.

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