Daft Punk reportedly working on new album, collaborating with Disco legend Giorgio Moroder

Since Eric Prydz announced his return to touring North America at this summer’s Identity Festival, EDM hopefuls continue to keep fingers crossed for the day that Daft Punk will follow suit. While that news has not come yet, there has been sight of activity at the Daft Punk camp, which indicates that the famed electro masters are producing a new album.

Giorgio Moroder, the disco legend-producer who is responsible for revolutionizing an early electronic era, was reportedly asked by the French duo to speak about his life for a spoken word vocal. However, upon stepping into the recording booth, Moroder would learn that his spoken word vocal wasn’t going to be a traditional one. In the booth were an assortment of microphones dating from different time periods as long as the 1960s through today, each meant to record stories from different parts of his life. URB, who first broke this story, also reveals that Nile Rodgers (another early EDM pioneer) has been working on several songs with Daft Punk, leading us to believe that a new album may actually be on the horizon. It would make sense that they are using advanced, innovative techniques to infuse their signature sound into their first new release — not counting the Tron soundtrack — since 2005. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see how the situation develops, but we’re certainly ready for Daft Punk to join Pryda and make the move into the 2012 EDM climate (and our iTunes libraries and favorite venues, of course).

Via: URB

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