Knife Party – Rage Valley EPKprv

Knife Party – Rage Valley EP

Traditionally, Knife Party make us wait for their music, creating anticipation for months before releasing high quality tracks. The last major offering from the Pendulum subset was 100% No Modern Talking EP, which the duo gave away completely free and featured the famous “Internet Friends.” Months in the waiting, Knife Party is back with Rage Valley EP – another four track collection where electro meets dubstep for a match made in heaven. The EP is eclectic in nature, with sounds ranging from signature electro-dub that can be found on the title track, “Rage Valley,” to reggae influenced dub that is present on “Bonfire.” Fans must pay for the latest release, but Rage Valley EP is worth a Beatport splurge, so listen to the disc below the break.

Knife Party – Rage Valley (Original Mix)

Knife Party – Centipede (Original Mix)

Knife Party – Bonfire (Original Mix)

Knife Party – Sleaze ft. Mistajam (Original Mix)

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