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Madeon at EDC NY: the young Frenchman strikes again (review)

Most DJ / producers are better at one skill or the other, but that can’t really be said for 17 year-old French prodigy. He possesses the technical skills of someone who has been in the business for a decade and he can seemingly navigate any genre out there. Madeon’s signature nu-disco style is always present but he can flawlessly transition into dubstep, house, or electro at any moment. While the crowd wasn’t massive for his set at Electric Daisy Carnival NY, this kid definitely knew how to bring the energy.

Madeon started things off with “Shuriken,” which quickly transitioned into a perfect mashup of “Audio Visual Disco” vs “Retaliation” by Drivepilot. The crowd loved the whomps, but they soon gave way to “Maths” by Deadmau5 and the hardstyle track “Shotgun.” This was one of the first times I’ve seen a crowd react so well to this track — but could’ve been because he quickly dropped into Alex Metric’s remix of “Secret Weapon”.

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Another effortless transition into the build of “L’Amour” kept increasing the crowd’s energy. Until singalong-classic “Feel so Close” came on, you could barely tell how empty the mainstage was. (To be clear, EDC Friday was pretty empty overall — not just for Madeon’s set.) Madeon was loving the high energy drops as he used R3hab’s bassline from “The One Who Got Away.” For most DJs that many songs can kill 30 minutes in a set. Madeon did it in ten.

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He also included “Breakn’ a Sweat,” Eric Prydz’s remix of “Midnight City,” and my personal favorite of the night: a flawless transition between Porter Robinson’s “Language” and “The Veldt.” Both of those songs are truly incredible. Madeon kept with his usual mix of “Lick it” into “Icarus” which we saw at UMF and then into his remix of “Raise Your Weapon,” arguably one of the biggest songs of last summer. This part of his set was also similar to Coachella, but it still worked well. After dropping “Atom,” the crowd was going completely wild and started singing to “Rolling Stone T-Shirt” at the top of their lungs.

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The crowd seemed passionate and engaged throughout the set, and Madeon never really lost them once he drew them in. “Shave It” kept that up as did “Song 2,” and they starting singing “Starry Eyed” as the set came to a close. Fittingly, he ended his set where his career took off: “Pop Culture.”

Overall, Madeon delivers a highly technical set with perfect transitions and quick techniques. It’s really refreshing to see a DJ go through as broad of a range of genres as he played in his set. Given his meteoric rise in such a short time frame — not to mention the fact that he’s still in his teens — we won’t even venture a guess as to where he’ll be in a year’s time.

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