New Afrojack and Apster track surfaces on Jacked 033Afrojack Ultra Music Festival 12

New Afrojack and Apster track surfaces on Jacked 033

Back in December, Afrojack hosted a live stream where he casually previewed a slew of new productions, one of which has finally made its way to the public ear. Coming off Afrojack and Bobby Burn’s Jacked Radio 033, the new track is a predictable yet impressive effort from Afrojack and Apster. As usual, Afrojack stays close to home with his production style — but as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The piano-heavy and electro-induced build up drops into a more euphoric version of itself for what seems like the completion of the production. Of course, it isn’t, as the grittier ‘Jacked’ sound drops eventually to provide contrast for the beloved sounds of Afrojack. Little to no information has been revealed about this track, but we are glad to have had out first listen on Jacked Radio yesterday.

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