Paris Hilton’s first DJ appearance set for June 23rd at Pop Music Festival Brazil

Ever since Paris Hilton announced that she was working on a new album produced by her boyfriend Afrojack, we had a feeling this day would come. Billboard┬ánow reports that the ultimate socialite will have her first DJ appearance at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 23rd, where she will DJ in front of a crowd of 30,000 people. Hilton told the mag that she “cannot wait to DJ for the first time in front of thousands of people,” and that the music scene is something she has “been passionate about” since age 15.

“I am very excited to share all of my hard work with the world.” – Paris Hilton

Billboard also reports that this won’t be a one-time thing, but that “It is going to be the first of many!” We don’t know when she’ll have her first gig stateside, but we do know she knows her way around a DJ booth. Regardless, don’t be surprised if you start seeing Paris Hilton show up on the lineup of other major festivals. So, what do you think of Paris’ DJ career?

Via: Billboard

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