Pretty Lights releases ‘You Get High’ along with New Years Eve recap video

It’s hard to deny the rise of Derek Vincent Smith in these past couple of years, reaching heights only matched by his stature. Under the moniker, Pretty Lights, Smith releases all his music for free, which is heavily attributed to his dramatic rise to fame as others have experienced such as Skrillex. Pretty Lights’ earlier work focused heavily on digital sampling of vintage funk and soul, and his shows consisted solely of his equipment, himself, and a drummer.

With EDM sweeping across the country, he’s built his own glitch-hop style with its grimy bass lines evident in his newest release, “You Get High.” While we very much enjoyed his less aggressive tracks in the past, we welcome the new sound with open arms, but encourage the juxtaposition of the two. The video above is a recap of his New Years show in his home state, Colorado. The lighted skyscrapers behind him produce a visual skyline that dances with the music. If at all possible, we suggest you to check him out at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphiteater; he now performs at the venue every year at the same time with back to back shows for 2012.

Download straight from DerekĀ here.

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