R3hab at EDC NY: 5 chainsawed tracks you need to know

R3hab was one of Afrojack’s guests at the Jacked tent on the final day of EDC New York, and he came with a USB stick full of chainsaw-filled tracks with the power to make the entire tent jump. He also had the always entertaining MC Ambush with him to fill the role as hypeman — and he even took off his glasses at one point. R3hab drew from his admittedly-extensive arsenal of remixes to help him power through the 90 minute set, but he also debuted a couple of brand new original productions that eschewed the commercial vocals and really showed off his production chops. Keep reading for a selection of five tracks you need to know from R3hab’s EDC NY set — don’t make us break out our chainsaws.

1. R3hab – Stellar

As the name would suggest, “Stellar” is a solid original production from one of JACKED’s biggest stars, juxtaposing swooping melodic synths with a hard electro breakdown. It has the same kinds of sounds as a Swanky Tunes or Hard Rock Sofa track, but you can definitely hear the R3hab DNA that pervades the whole track. As you can hear in the rip below, people definitely enjoyed the first new production of the set, as they can be heard screaming his name emphatically when he finally let up on the volume.

2. Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa – The Edge

Set for release this Monday, Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa’s “The Edge” is probably one of those songs you’ve been hearing for a while but haven’t been able to ID. The pumping, high speed sirens quickly give way to a hynotic, building melodic interlude before returning for the breakdown. The sound combination isn’t something you would expect, but it feels just right for Afrojack’s Wall Recordings, where it will be released.

3. Denis Naidanow feat. Juan Maga & Lil Jon – Shuri Shuri (Let’s Go Loco) (R3hab Remix)

R3hab’s remix of “Shuri Shuri” is just the kind of track we’ve come to expect from him. His electro chainsaw sounds work well with Lil’ Jon’s “Let’s Get Loco” tagline, and the whole production feels like a high-energy pump up track. Warning: This track might cause seizures and uncontrollable convulsions.

4. R3hab – The Bottle Song (Darth and Vader Remix)

Darth and Vader’s take on one of R3hab’s earlier productions preserves the original melody (which I’ve personally always enjoyed), but changes up almost everything else. It employes a wide range of different kinds of sounds, but maintains an electro-tinged vibe despite a more chilled-out middle segment. R3hab mashed this up with Dyro’s remix during his set, but if I had to pick just one, D+V slightly beat out the new kid on the block.

5. Calvin Harris – Bounce (R3hab Remix)

“Bounce” was an absolutely huge song last summer, and R3hab’s remix was probably one of the most successful in the clubs. It’s impossible not to sing along to the opening vocals, and as soon as they give way to the break, well, you’re hooked. R3hab’s take is just so infectious and so dance-able that it’s impossible not to start moving your feet to it.

R3hab was hyped up for the duration of his set at the JACKED tent, and his enthusiasm even led to him getting airborne early on (see above). The crowd was fully engaged to his signature chainsaw sounds, and the set was high energy throughout. We’re not sure when R3hab will be back in New York again, but we hope he manages to sneak his chainsaws past airport security yet again.

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