R3hab – The Bottle Song (The Remixes)Bsr

R3hab – The Bottle Song (The Remixes)

The Bottle Song” introduced the world to R3hab in 2011 and put his unique sound on the map. Over a year later, R3hab is releasing the remix package of his bleep-heavy classic, which includes work from Dyro, Dannic, D-Wayne, and Darth & Vader. The ripping electro energy from the original has transformed into a movement of its own – what we know today as chainsaw madness. Four DJs each take on the track with their own spin that is distinctive to their skill set and the aggressive electro-house. Listen to the remixes below the break and head to Beaport where the package has been released on Wall Recordings.

R3hab – The Bottle Song (Dyro Remix)

R3hab – The Bottle Song (Dannic Remix)

R3hab – The Bottle Song (Darth & Vader Remix)

R3hab – The Bottle Song (D-Wayne Remix)

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