Viceroy & WhiteNoize – Only Takes (Original Mix)Viceroy Whitenoize Only E1335969060152

Viceroy & WhiteNoize – Only Takes (Original Mix)

As the weather warms up and summer fast approaches, that nu-disco sound has been making it way out of hibernation and back into our headphones. Few producers evoke the feel-good summer vibe as well as Viceroy, the San Francisco native known for his upbeat remixes of Notorious B.I.G., Mark Morrison, Wiz Khalifa and Yelle. His latest original, a collaboration with WhiteNoize, is a nu-disco inspired production, featuring a sample from the classic 1975 soul track “It Only Takes a Minute” by Tavares. It’s impossible not to enjoy this track;  just close your eyes, squint real hard and be transported out of your Post-It note lined prison cell and into a clear blue summer day.

Make sure you check out the rest of his remixes on his SoundCloud.

Soundcloud: Viceroy 

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