99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrowEDC Rukes

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrow

Tomorrow night, a hundred thousand people will gather under the electric sky to celebrate the biggest dance party America has ever seen. As you might imagine, we’re pretty excited. Here are 99 things we’re looking forward to (feel free to add your o

wn in the comments).

1. Watching the orange Nevada sun climb slowly over the gigantic Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday morning. Trying to decide whether to see W&W bring out the shotgun, Steve Aoki team up with the Blue Man Group, Harvard Bass weave low-end magic, or Paco Osuna make things minimal.

2. Setting foot on the race track for the first time. Noticing how sloped it is.

3. Kinetic Field mayhem.

4. ENTER Stage and the enigma that is Richie Hawtin.

5. Carl Cox (oh-yes-oh-yes-oh-yes!) & Friends.

6. Group-freakin-Therapy.

7. Lasers. Lots of lasers.

8. Soundsystems the size of apartments.

9. Goosebumps for unexpected reasons.

10. Hearing a new song for the first time. Wishing you knew what it was called. Finding it the following week on Dancing Astronaut.

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrowEdc 2011 Rukes 2

11. The meeting spot that ends up feeling like a second home.

12. Dusk till dawn, three days straight.

13. Mat Zo.

14. Reuniting with old friends.

15. Making new friends.

16. Finding yourself in the front row for an artist you’ve never heard of.

17. Discovering tastes you didn’t know you had.

18. Legends showing why they’ve been around for 20 years.

19. Young guns showing why we should be excited about the next 20 years.

20. Exotic rave girls.

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrow575088 422425881135703 1512534150 N

21. Checking Twitter on Monday afternoon. Reading 50 updates from your favorite DJs, all of which say: “Wow, EDC Vegas, you guys were amazing. Thank you.” Smiling, because you were there.

22. Looking over at your friends as an incredible beat drops. Noticing that all of them are making the Dancing Astronaut face (see masthead for details).

23. Bassnectar on the main stage.

24. Wondering if you can put “EDC Las Vegas 2012” on your resume.

25. Pool parties.

26. Afterparties.

27. The security guards who can’t help but dance.

28. Participating in a truly epic shuffle battle.

29. This trailer

30. Realizing that this may have been the best $300 you’ve ever spent.

31. A State of blissful, glorious Trance.

32. Saying “words cannot describe.”

33. Sweat, dust, drum n bass courtesy of Andy C.

34. Looking at your schedule. Pinching yourself to check if you’re dreaming.

35. Agonizing over which artists to see and set conflicts. Remembering that there are no bad decisions.

36. The set that changes your life.

37. Waking up on Sunday afternoon after the best two-day dance lineup you’ve ever experienced. Showering and getting ready for Sunday night.

38. A moment that reminds you why dance music is going to save the world.

39. Music so beautiful you need to close your eyes to fully appreciate it.

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrowArty Pier 94 NYE

40. Arty & Alesso – “ID.”

41. Wobbles.

42. Strobe monkeys flying in circles.

43. Getting home on Monday afternoon. Hearing your roommate say he had a good weekend because he reached level 60 in Diablo 3. Telling him that your weekend was better.

44. Nic Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, irresistible grooves.

45. Obscene amounts of fireworks.

46. Randomly running into someone you didn’t know would be here.

47. Your new profile picture.

48. Porter Robinson proving that music is the only universal language.

49. Driving/flying/walking/magic-carpeting to Vegas. Feeling the butterflies tingle in your stomach.

50. Looking back at the weekend with no regrets.

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrowKaskade Ultra Music Festival 2012 6 51. Kaskade’s orgasm face.

52. Sebastian Ingrosso‘s fistpump.

53. Afrojack‘s Dutch accent.

54. Thomas Gold‘s goatee.

55. Green Velvet’s green mohawk.

56. “Anima.”

57. Counting how many cigarettes Jesse smokes during MSTRKRFT’s set.

58. Felix Cartal inexplicably making horrible noises sound good.

59. Dubstep so heavy it makes you feel like you’re on a different planet because there’s no place on earth with this much gravity (we’re looking at you, Zeds Dead).

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrowAlesso Top 101

60.”City of Dreams.”

61. Revelations and inspiration.

62. Losing your friends, panicking for a few minutes, then finding them again at the perfect moment.

63. Laidback Luke‘s superhuman skills. He should have been an Avenger.

64. Thirty-six members of Dancing Astronaut’s Top 50.

65. Five of the eight men to ever sit at #1 in the DJ Mag Top 100 (Carl Cox, John Digweed, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta).

66. Joachim Garraud, arguably the most influential Parisian at the festival.

67. “Pistol Whip.”

68. Free water refills.

69. Spectacular art installations that you can actually participate in.

70. Confetti raindrops.

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrowEDC NY DAY1 ARMIN 8

71. Armin’s Jesus pose.

72. Seth Troxler: America’s best (underground) DJ

73. Marveling that dance music has become such a massive movement in the United States, and that you’re very much a part.

74. Living in the moment.

75. Daggering with Major Lazer at the main stage.

76. Stage dancers with six-foot legs.

77. The craziest costume you have ever seen.

78. Knowing that while Harry Potter fans have Hogwarts, EDM fans have EDC Vegas — and ours is real.

79. Surprise guest at the dubstep stage.

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrowHardwell Philadelphia 850 010 E1324441230834

80. Hardwell, Arty, Alesso,and Nicky Romero competing for the title of “best big-room DJ/producer under the age of 24.”

81. High-fiving a stranger.

82. Learning about dance music from someone more knowledgeable than you.

83. Talking about dance music to someone who’s at his/her first festival.

84. Questioning whether you spent too much on your outfit. Deciding that you definitely didn’t (trust us, astronaut suits aren’t cheap).

85. Knife Party inducing seizures all over the place.

86. Cosmic Gate opening a portal to another dimension. Emma Hewitt‘s soaring vocals.

87. Jumping around like a mad person until Tony points directly at you during A&B’s set.

88. Chuckie‘s wide-brim baseball hat, which miraculously manages on his head as he bounces on stage.

89. Riding in the inflatable boat with Steve Aoki as Afrojack brings the bleeps.

99 reasons to be excited that EDC is tomorrowAoki

90. “Sierra Leone.”

91. Getting weird at the Q-dance stage.

92. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Except that it will live forever in your memory, burnished to your brain.

93. Dubfire giving us a flashback to the 90s and making us beg for a Deep Dish reunion.

94. Spectacular carnival rides when your feet need a rest.

95. Taking bets on how tight Tiesto‘s shirt will be.

96. Observing the damage done to your shoes and clothes after three days in the Nevada desert.

97. Walking out of the stadium on Monday morning — exhausted, sore, but full of joy.

98. Crossing out names from the top of your “Artists that I Need to See” list. Adding fresh names to the list.

99. Reliving it all over again by listening to the livesets.

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