DSK CHK believes in the music and the performance (video)

One Beat has a new web series called “You Should Know Me By Now” which explores upcoming DJs that are seeing a lot of success. DSK CHK is a performance DJ who does not actually reveal his identity because he represents the masses. The Guy Fawkes mask he wears gives him the “superhero effect” and allows him to take on the alter ego.

His first big show was headlining Fantazia 360 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Spring 2012 which had fire dancers, stage performers, and a rotating circular stage in the center of the room reminiscent of Sensation’s lotus. DSK CHK wants people to believe in the music and not care about stereotypes or what other people think. He is working on original productions and believes that the music and performance should speak by itself, no identity required. Check out the video for yourselves above.

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