Dubspot & Abelton team up to offer free courses: kickstart your production career today

Have you ever wanted to dabble in producing, but didn’t know where to start? Well, Dubspot and Abelton have you covered. The two have teamed up to offer a special 30 | 30 promotion: 30 free video lessons on Ableton Live to users who download and activate Ableton’s free 30-day trial of the software. (The course is also available to all registered owners of Live.)

The main goals of the partnership are to help new Live users learn how to turn their ideas into sonic reality and give them a glimpse into Dubspotʼs full Ableton Live curriculum. If participants enroll by July 7th, they will have the entire month of July to access the videos and modules as often as they want and go through the lessons. All those who enroll and get a perfect score on each of the brief quizzes contained in the course are also eligible to win a spot in Dubspot’s full 6-level Ableton Producer Program through our online school. Pretty sweet, huh?

For more details, go here.

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