Editorial: 5 reasons why Sensation America will be unlike anything you’ve ever seenSensation BCN 3

Editorial: 5 reasons why Sensation America will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen

I have seen electronic acts on two continents and in five countries, I can safely say that Sensation has been the most unique event I have ever attended. The superb production and traditional euro-rave scene made for an experience I didn’t think would translate Stateside. Now that Sensation Innerspace Brooklyn tickets are officially on sale, however, it’s about time you understand exactly what you’re getting so excited about. The European rave traditions are what has made Sensation so special, and you can help bring them to America to maximize your Innerspace experience. Remember, this is no ordinary event, so treat Sensation with an open mind and the mysteries will reveal themselves.

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1. Production is everything – take in the sights, sounds are secondary

Are you wondering why the performers haven’t been announced yet? Well, you can stop, because it doesn’t really matter. In Europe, attendees don’t purchase tickets because of the headliners; many don’t even know the DJs names. When I was in the crowd at Sensation Belgium, the energy was just as high for opening resident Juan Sanchez as it was for the headliner Sander van Doorn. The music at Sensation is amazing regardless, but what draws tens of thousands is the mind-blowing production. Get lost in the endless lights and lasers or dance around a lotus-shaped fountain with your group of friends. Become engulfed in euphoria as you witness unimaginable sights that sync with dance tunes. The music will be great, so don’t worry about what song is coming next – they don’t in Europe.

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2. The DJs aren’t superstars – circa the good old days, they will not get personal

If you’ve been to a fair share of raves in America, you know how difficult it is to get to the front of the crowd. If you happen to get close to the barrier, you may experience serious violence or just a sweaty and unpleasant time. In Europe, the same phenomenon doesn’t exist. Not to be confused with #1, Europeans don’t share the same personal feelings for the DJs as Americans do. Sure, people love Afrojack overseas, but he is not the Paris Hilton-dating rock star persona that he is in the US. If you’ve seen him spin, you know he loves to pick up the microphone and yell at the crowd from time to time, much like many DJs.

At Sensation, none of the DJs even touch the microphone during the eight hour spectacle – only resident MC Mr. White has those privileges. You will not hear Afrojack asking you to “make some fucking noise” or Erick Morillo preaching to New York City – in the world of Sensation, it would be just rude to interrupt the magical evening like that.

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3. Sensation is a classy affair – leave the whistles and pacifiers at home

Sensation has earned the reputation of being the classiest EDM event in the world – so lets not spoil that in America. When I witnessed Sensation in Belgium, the scene was more ‘lavish nightclub’ than it was ‘sweaty rave.’ This was due to the endless champagne, beautiful women, and easygoing yet fun party people. There were none of the whistle-blowers, binky-suckers, or 16-year-olds on stretchers that you often see around here. Sensation was the first — and probably the only — rave where I saw more caviar consumption than I did drug use. Luckily, when Sensation touches down at the Barclays Center, there will be a strictly enforced 21+ age rule that should help keep the night as classy as possible.

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4. Be part of the night, dress in white – No exceptions

This one may seem obvious, but there are those of us in America that think these types of rules aren’t enforced. You might have been that guy or girl who thought they were too cool to wear a superhero costume to Laidback Luke’s Super Me & You and got away with it. Well, you won’t get away with that type of folly here.

The all white dress code is strictly enforced from head to toe. This doesn’t mean wear only one white article of clothing, or wear light-grey pants – it means every shred of fabric on your body will be pure white. If this is too much to handle, you’re not ready for Innerspace.

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5. Deluxe means deluxe – enjoy true VIP amenities

Remember when VIP stood for “very important person?” Lately, event organizers have begun charging big bucks for “VIP” tickets and provide some sort of balcony that allows you to stand 10 feet above the rest of the crowd. ID&T has perfected the VIP treatment in Europe, and now Americans will finally reap the benefits. If you drop $250 for the deluxe ticket, you will not regret that decision. My Sensation experience was spent in the deluxe area and included a golf cart entrance and exit, free massages from geishas, and superior amenities. When Jacob went in Spain, there was a white chocolate fountain in the deluxe area. Since the announcement of an American event, many have speculated if the high prices are worth hard earned cash, and my advice has been – spend the extra $100 for deluxe and it will be worth every penny.

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The Bottom Line

Witnessing Innerspace with my own two eyes has helped me truly understand what is right and what is wrong with modern day event production, but more importantly what key elements belittle our homeland EDM events. ID&T doesn’t cut corners, but delivers a full-force unforgettable experience. I am not the only one who feels this way; Jacob Schulman went to Sensation Innerspace Barcelona and even referred to it as possibly one of the “best events ever.”

In little over four months, another 40,000 will share this feeling with us and the European staple will become another one of America’s prized parties. Take into consideration the reputation that Sensation has earned over the past decade and enjoy it in Brooklyn with integrity.

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