Made Event responds to the criticism, improves Governors Island for Super You & MePJD 3235

Made Event responds to the criticism, improves Governors Island for Super You & Me

Last week’s opening event on Governors Island wasn’t the most well-received, but we gave Made Event some suggestions on how to improve for the rest of the summer. Made Event responded to the criticism on Facebook, admitted to the issues, and promised to shape things up. Well, I returned to the island this weekend again for Laidback Luke’s Super You & Me party, and I was thrilled with the improvements that had been made. To hear exactly how it improved, follow along below.

5. Better crowd control: it shouldn’t take hours to get there Fixed

Unlike last weekend, the ferry lines were manageable in both directions — to and from the island. A new dock location proved to be far more convenient, there was better crowd control, and screening was much more streamlined. The insane lines to get to the island last time started things off on a bad note, but thankfully it was much improved this time around. We didn’t notice “larger capacity” ferries that Made said it was exploring, but things ran much more smoothly this timei so it wasn’t even an issue.

4. Boxed water is awkward is better for the environment

We all know how promoters like jacking up the prices for water, but taking away the caps was straight up shameful. Boxes this time were easier to fit in your pocket and caps were even available too. Some of the bars were even giving water away for free. While boxed water might not seem ideal, it truly is better for the environment and it’s not that big of a deal. These changes were solid in my book.

3. Fix the bathroom situation: you can never have enough porta potties

This week an additional row of porta-potties were added. That means less time waiting on line and more time listening to music. This was a simple fix, but we’re glad they listened nonetheless.

2. Make the most of the space: Bring back the picnic tables and ditch the tent

The picnic tables were returned to their spots in the sand and the fake beach area came back to life. There were places to rest and enjoy the show — and awesome views of NYC — without being covered by a tent. The bar was moved and to a new location, making for easier flows of people as well. Additionally, the grassy area behind the bathrooms was opened this time, providing for even more space to relax.

1. Fix the Speakers: Sound quality is not negotiable

Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of an EDM event, and the improvements made this week were great. Sound was more balanced and full, and it provided for a much more enjoyable experience. It was obviously bass-heavy for Datsik but for the most part the levels were fixed and Laidback Luke destroyed the show. We still think there’s room for a few more speakers for that extra “oomph,” but we are definitely moving in the right direction.

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The Bottom Line

Governors Island is once again becoming the magical island that it was last summer. It’s great that Made Event cares enough about their fans to work with them to make the experience better, and we are super thrilled that they took our suggestions in stride. The changes made make Governors one of the best — if not, the best — summer venue in all of Manhattan, and we’re thrilled to keep attending parties there all summer. Great job Made Event: we really appreciate you listening.

Only one week off until Dash Berlin on June 30th! Any fellow Astronauts heading back?

Photo Credit: Peter Drier

Made Event responds to the criticism, improves Governors Island for Super You & MePJD 3017

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