Got fresh insights into the music scene? We invite you to join usDA Logo 600

Got fresh insights into the music scene? We invite you to join us

Dancing Astronaut is growing at break-neck speeds, and we need your help to get to that next level.

We’re looking for one person who isn’t afraid to creatively experiment with marketing ideas, matched with a maniacal attention to detail. The Marketing Analyst will be taking the lead in translating Dancing Astronaut’s massive online reach into the physical space, whether at shows, colleges, and more.

So—if that sounds good to you, we invite you to come work with us. We know you’ll do great things here.

See the requirements and application link after the break.

Position: Marketing Analyst


1. Previous experience in marketing, especially with live events.
2. Over-attention to detail, especially with deadlines, priorities, and client needs.
3. Strong written and verbal skills in English. Foreign language fluencies a plus.
4. 10-20 hours of available time to dedicate per week.
5. An interest in EDM is highly encouraged.

Application link Applications are now closed.

Please be aware of our Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy when contacting us.