Paul van Dyk and Arty release official video for ‘The Ocean’

The official music video for “The Ocean,” Paul van Dyk and Arty’s almost-too-appropriately-titled collaboration, hit the Inter-webs today. The track, from the German trance superstar’s most recent album, Evolution, is a poignant bridge between trance’s past (PvD) and future (Arty). We first heard it when PvD asked us to review Evolution. Here’s what we had to say:

“(The Ocean is) a gorgeous, operatic trance banger that emphatically proves that beauty and bass can happily coexist. The best trance tracks makes you feel weightless. This is one of them.”

The music video, however, doesn’t provide us with that kind of narrative that usually accompanies a major trance track. We weren’t expecting a short film (which is basically what Dash Berlin have given us for some of their releases), but it would’ve been nice to see footage of PvD or Arty. Instead, we’re given some slightly confusing CGI sequences as well as several gratuitous shots of, well, the ocean. Perhaps this video would be more effective as a live visual display during a concert than it is as a YouTube clip.

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