Steve Angello on SHM: ‘We’re not done quite yet’ (Update: Size denies)Steve Angello Profile Pic1

Steve Angello on SHM: ‘We’re not done quite yet’ (Update: Size denies)

Music Radar caught up with Steve Angello during a studio session in London and  responded to some questions regarding the future of SHM. Interestingly, Angello seems just about uncertain about the future as the rest of us.

Update: We have been contacted by Size Records and have complied with requests to remove details from Music Radar’s article. We have re-edited article since its initial posting.

“This article has never been agreed or approved with music radar from Size Records LLC and does not quote Steve Angello both directly or indirectly and is a total fabrication and does not represent the views of Steve Angello, SIZE Records LLC or any of our agents or representatives especially in regards to anything associated with the business of Swedish House Mafia.”

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