Swedish House Mafia on the split: 'We didn't want to end up repeating ourselves' (updated with audio)

Swedish House Mafia on the split: ‘We didn’t want to end up repeating ourselves’ (updated with audio)

Fans were shocked when Swedish House Mafia announced this tour would be their last, and they were even more confused by the total lack of explanation for their decision. As conjecture about their reasoning began to circulate, so too did several “false” news stories — most of which were eventually pulled. The trio is finally setting the story straight in an interview with Pete Tong set to air tonight on his Radio 1 show. BBC has released some snippets ahead of the show’s airing, and while it’s not as juicy as some of the rumors floating around, it definitely adds a new perspective.

“It’s very easy to just stay content with the machine that is Swedish House Mafia.” – Axwell

Axwell remarked that “it’s very easy to just stay content with the machine that is Swedish House Mafia,” before saying that they have always “been about challening ourselves and doing unexpected things.” Still, it’s hard for many fans to deny that SHM events have become somewhat of a routine, so their comment that they “didn’t want to end up repeating ourselves” is honest and refreshing.

Steve Angello adds that “we’re gonna go out with a bang,” and calls the Milton Keynes Bowl show “the end of an amazing journey we’ve done with friends.” The BBC even got Tinie Tempah, the vocalist on “Miami 2 Ibiza,” to comment, saying that SHM “came together to create something that was really incredible.”

It’s interesting to hear everyone referring to SHM in the past tense, but we’re still convinced that they’ll reunite at some point in the future as Swedish House Mafia once again.

Don’t forget to catch the full interview on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection, starting at 9PM GMT / 4PM EST.

Update: The full interview has aired on BBC Radio 1, and some more choice details are revealed. The guys continue to reiterate that “it felt right,” and believe that they reached the pinnacle as a DJ super group. “For now, you won’t see us three together,” said Axwell. Steve chimed in to say that it’s “a good time for dance music” and doesn’t believe it hurts anyone for being this big. According to Seb, they have 28 unfinished demos still on their hard drives. “To be continued maybe… I’m not sure.”

Update 2: Full audio.

Via: BBC

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