Tiesto gets his own Spotify artist app, extends ‘Club Life’ monikerTiesto App Spotify

Tiesto gets his own Spotify artist app, extends ‘Club Life’ moniker

Let’s all just admit it: Tiesto wants to take over your life. In addition to invading your wardrobe, your headphone choice, your SiriusXM channel, and your iPhone games, he is taking it to the next level and launching a new Artist App on Spotify. Essentially, Tiesto will help curate a musical experience for listeners through the “Tiesto’s Club Life” app. We’re told that it will boast regular track selections, including single of the week, album of the month, festival of the month, and a periodically updated chart. Tiesto went on to call Spotify “one of the most exciting platforms out there,” before declaring that it is “helping to redefine the way people listen to music.” You can access the app right now from the left navigation bar in Spotify’s desktop app; no word on whether it will make the jump to mobile.

(Editor’s Note: Spotify has a free plan that’s pretty awesome — especially when you’re at work.)

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