Voting for the DJ Mag Top 100 is now openDj Mag TOp 100

Voting for the DJ Mag Top 100 is now open

Yes, we know it’s a popularity contest. Yes, we know that plenty of deserving CDJ technicians aren’t on this list. Yes, we know you could all put together better rankings in your sleep. But that doesn’t mean that the DJ Mag Top 100 isn’t important.

Not only does it reflect the state of dance music today — who’s got the largest fan base, who’s got the most devoted following, but it’s also a chance for us, the EDM intelligentsia, to step up and make our voices heard. Remember, the rankings do mean something to DJs looking to add legitimacy to their brands and ask higher prices of promoters. So if you want your favorite artist to be paid better, here’s your chance to make that happen.

So who’s in your top five? Head over to Facebook to let the kind folks at DJ Mag know. Then do us a favor and let us know your picks in the comments section.

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