DA’s Best of 2012 (so far), #5: Dada Life’s unforgettable music video for ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’Bestandworst

DA’s Best of 2012 (so far), #5: Dada Life’s unforgettable music video for ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’

Now that we’ve reached the halfway point of 2012, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of the best and worst moments of the year so far. This week we’re bringing you five of the highlights, while next week we’ll be bringing you some of t

he lowlights. Let us know what you think in the comments — we’re nothing without you.

In 2010 Dada Life ranked #89 on the DJ Mag’s Top 100 list and since then they’ve grown tremendously in popularity. Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom — the Swedish twosome boosting the banana business single-handedly — aren’t satisfied with the status quo and always seems to be in search of something superiorly creative. Their contributions are consistently unique and often contain an element of their twisted humor. The video for “Rolling Stone T-Shirt” is a prime example of their ability to inject life into their work.

Most music videos are really bad — and while this might be a bold statement, I’ve seen enough club scenes, concert footage, and scantily clad women gyrating to last me a lifetime. Dada Life, however, does not subscribe to this formula. In the music video world, “Rolling Stone T-Shirt” is a gem amongst rhinestones. By breaking the mold and creating an amusing parody, the duo spawned something memorable — the key ingredient to a good music video.

Dada Life’s self deprecating humor is a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with artists who take themselves too seriously. What good is life if you can’t laugh at yourself? For Olle and Stefan — and their growing legion of fans — you probably won’t have to find out.

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