DA’s Best of the Rest: Friday July 27, 2012Best Of The Rest2

DA’s Best of the Rest: Friday July 27, 2012

Woo! We’ve finally made it to the weekend! Hopefully you’re already out doing something fun, but if not, we got your back. Keep reading for the best of the rest.


1. Dance music does the Olympics. Danny Boyle tapped UK group Underworld to score the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games. It’s a huge win for the dance music community, and puts Underworld on the global consciousness.

2. Kaskade is streaming live from the Staples Center in LA! You do not want to miss this event, which kicks off at 9:15PST / 12:15AM (Saturday July 28) EST!

3. Tiesto is planning something for October, but so far we’re in the dark. All signs point to another massive LA show, but we’ll have to wait for Mr. Club Life to weigh in before making any assumptions.

4. As if going to Ibiza wasn’t awesome enough already, David and Cathy Guetta have managed to put a FMIF club inside the airport. Yeah, and you thought it was cool to go into the Delta Airlines club.


1. Pacha NYC is up to something very, very big. So far all we know is that there’s something going down on September 22nd, and that there will be a sort-of scavenger hunt in the meantime until the full announcement is released. We’re hearing that there will be multiple clues released on Pacha’s social channels throughout the weekend, and that the confirmations should come soon after.

2. The NY Post reports that Hans Zimmer, the composer on the Dark Knight Rises, has recorded a new song in honor of the victims of the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado. While not exactly related to dance music, we thought we’d share the information with our readers and give you a chance to contribute to the memorial fund.

3. Tom Swoon (formerly known as Pixel Cheese) is giving away a free remix of Ellie Goulding’s track, “Hanging On.”

4. The Subliminal 2012 compilation album is out on July 31st, mixed by Erick Morillo and Sympho Nympho. Check out the preview video below.