Exclusive: Afrojack releases EDC NY / Vegas mini-movie, we’ve got the highlights (video)Afrojack EDC Holdin It Down E1353688910512

Exclusive: Afrojack releases EDC NY / Vegas mini-movie, we’ve got the highlights (video)

Afrojack is at the main stage of EDC Vegas 2012. He kneels behind the turntables with tour manager Ludvie taking in a tribute to, well, himself. A mashup of his biggest tunes blasts through the speakers, while an accompanying video (that he also made himself) is displayed on the enormous LED screens that surround him. Nick Van De Wall is smiling, and he’s mouthing along to the words just like the um-teen-thousand other people packed in to the Kinetic Field on the first night of EDC Vegas 2012. As usual, he starts off with a simple question: “Las vegas, are you motherfuckers ready for some Afrojack music?”

Nick Van de Wall passed the significant milestone of 1 million likes on Facebook earlier this week, and he has decided to release a 38 minute video showing the highlights of two of his biggest gigs of late — EDC Las Vegas and New York — in a new level of intimacy. He was generous enough to share the video with Dancing Astronaut readers first, so keep reading for some of the highlights.

In the video, we get to see all of the things we don’t normally get to see: things like Afrojack’s barefoot set premiering his remix of “This Is Love” at Encore Beach Club, or his visit to R3hab’s set at EDC Vegas. One highlight is a compilation of the best moments of the first “Afroki” set at EDC Vegas, where Afrojack navigates the crowd in a raft on his stomach, before getting caked by Aoki at the end of the set.

Aside of the festival footage, we get to see Afrojack in a setting away from the main stages of the world (to an extent at least). He discusses how he believes dance music is poised to be the next rock and roll, boasting the same types of attitudes, personalities, and people. We see him in the Escalade on the way back from the Motor Speedway, where he sticks his head out of the car and asks the folks walking back to the strip if it was worth the walk. “Definitely,” they declare. “This is why I love EDC Vegas — people walk 10 fucking miles to the party,” he says with a smile.

Still, Afrojack’s job is seemingly never done, heading straight to Tryst the next night, and continuing to own the Wynn’s various clubs for the remainder of the weekend. Of course, it’s not without some hiccups along the way. A slight delay with the room service delivery lands R3hab on the phone with Cindy from room service, who thankfully sends up free desserts to make up for the delayed food. (A consolation, Afrojack notes, inherently ludicrous in the first place, considering the time crunch.)

In all, the video — which borders on short film territory — is exactly what fans of the Dutch DJ sensation have always loved most about him: an intimate, in-depth look at his life, revealing the fact that he’s really just another guy who wants to have fun like the rest of us. He stays up late, drinks too much, and continues to be larger than life in every sense of the phrase. He surrounds himself with good people, gives off good vibes, and quite simply, seems to be living the dream.

Watch the video and see for yourself. If you’re already a fan, it will reaffirm your status. If you aren’t one yet, it might give you a new appreciation.

Keep up with all things Afrojack on his Facebook page or Twitter.

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