Exclusive: Insomniac bringing Beyond Wonderland to San Francisco area this September

Insomniac made its first move in New York earlier this year with the inaugural EDC NY, and the massive event company looks to continue its American expansion. We’re hearing from sources familiar with Insomniac’s plans that the company will be bringing its Beyond Wonderland event to the San Francisco Bay Area this September. While this information is (for now) unconfirmed, we’re hearing that the event will touch down in late September, with Saturday the 29th being the most likely date currently being thrown around.

Beyond Wonderland has previously been relegated to San Bernadino, taking place at the NOS Event Center for the past three years, while one event was held in Seattle. Our sources could not pinpoint an exact location for the San Francisco event, but it’s safe to say it will be large. (The most recent installment drew over 45,000 people in March.) We expect to hear more soon, so stay tuned!

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