Michael Woods featuring Ester Dean – We’ve Only Just Begun (Preview) (update: video)Michael Woods Pacha 2

Michael Woods featuring Ester Dean – We’ve Only Just Begun (Preview) (update: video)

In 2010 Michael Woods released the dance floor staple, “No Access,” but he is just now giving it the vocal treatment. He’s posted a Pete Tong radio rip of the newly-titled, updated version and it’s surprising how much the minor addition has changed the song — and not for the better. The beats are still instantly recognizable but the vibe of the track is completely different; pop fans will likely rejoice but we’re majorly disappointed with this unnecessary and cheesy addition. The dance music world is overflowing with David Guetta wannabes, so we hope Woods isn’t abandoning his sound in favor of mainstream popularity. As Tong said, this is “gonna be huge” and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it get some radio play. However, we’ll always be partial to the original, lyric-free, “No Access,” which we’ve also embedded for you below.

Update: The official video is out now. Check it below.

Via: SoundCloud (Michael Woods)

Release Date: September 2012

Michael Woods – No Access (Original Mix) released 12/10/2010

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