More modern swing dance music: Luciano’s live set from Exit festival is now available

While we couldn’t make it to this year’s edition of the mythical Exit festival, we’re getting over our disappointment the only way we know possible — by listening to the live sets. If you’re like us and your idea of a good time is raving to Luciano’s tech house beats in an 18th century fortress, than Exit is the place for you. (For a first-hand perspective on what it’s really like, check out our review from last year).

This two-hour mix find Mr. Vagabundos in an eclectic mood. We get his typical Latin effusiveness melded with some deep house rumblers, a few beautifully atmospheric chord progressions, and tech house edits of radio hits past and present. There’s even a delightfully bizarre remix of Radiohead’s “Creep,” which Thom Yorke hasn’t played in years but Luciano still clearly enjoys.

Be warned, the sound quality isn’t great, but you can always adjust your equalizers accordingly. This mix reaffirms why I chose Luciano as one of my top five DJs in my DJ Mag voting.

via: Exqlusiv

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