MTV videos detail Swedish House Mafia’s Milton Keynes show and ‘Don’t You Worry Child’

Swedish House Mafia’s Milton Keynes Bowl show has largely been considered a rousing success, and now we’re finally starting to see what made the night so special. MTV News UK has a quick two-minute recap of the event, with footage of the venue and a backstage interview with Steve, Seb, and Axwell. Axwell says that SHM was “about having fun… and doing spontaneous things,” and Seb added that it was “pretty special.” Axwell reiterates his feelings that the group didn’t necessarily know how to “take it further,” because they had already “reached beyond any goal [we’ve] ever set.” Seb says that the guys really started their solo and group careers in the UK, and that it’s a special place.

Not to be outdone by its counterpart across the pond, MTV News US has another video (above) from the interview, but this time the trio discusses “Don’t You Worry Child,” a song that MTV calls their “farewell single.” According to Axwell, “everything that makes you feel anything is in that track.”

“It’s the end of the road… sort of.” – Axwell

They reveal that John Martin, the vocalist on “Save The World,” has teamed up with trio again for the track. If there’s any telling moment in the video, it’s when Axwell says that “it’s the end of the road,” before qualifying the statement with a suspicious, “sort of.” “The plan is just to make music, and follow our inspiration, and then, maybe there’s something else out there that makes us do something we don’t know.”

Via: MTV News UK, MTV News US

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