Shadows run wild in ‘Careless’ official video

We brought you the preview of Jack Beats upcoming single “Careless” a week ago, and as we said then, we really enjoy the track. Their unique fidget house sound is a stand out example of some of the really cool bass driven music coming out of the UK at the moment.

The official video for “Careless” features Takura, the track’s vocalist, hooked up to some sort of IV before getting up and half walking, half stumbling down a path. His shadow gets up to all sorts of crazy things: transforming from a person, to a gorilla before ending up as a t-rex. We have no idea what the significance of this is so hopefully some of you can help us out in the comments. Look out for Jack Beats’ mini album to drop on August 7th.

Purchase: TBA (August 7th)

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