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Techno maestro Gesaffelstein releases ‘Belgium’ and ‘Depravity’

Gesaffelstein, Gesaffelstein, Gesaffelstein, say that five times fast.  Alongside label-mate and longtime friend Brodinski, Gesaffelstein has been creating some of the most unique and intriguing techno productions in recent memory.  His style is crisp and clean while remaining dark and foreboding. This is the stuff that is born from the floors of warehouses, sweat soaked and primal with a heavy dose of weird. There isn’t even the faintest glimmer of pop to be found here, no euphoric synths or big room vocals – just grinding, teeth-rattling techno.

Check out “Belgium” and “Depravity” after the break.

Gesaffelstein – Belgium (Original Mix)

On “Belgium”  Ges makes heavy use of filters to create a haunting soundscape peppered with punchy bass and ominous synth-work. We could do without the vocal chops, but they don’t detract from the track in the slightest.

Gesaffelstein – Depravity (Original Mix)

You wouldn’t expect it from it’s name, but “Depravity” is the ligher production in this package. Ignore the first minute and a half here, it’s only serves as an awkward build up for the perfection that proceeds it.  At the 1:30 mark Gesaffelstein kicks it into high gear and by the time 3:30 rolls around and the fast paced percussion comes swooping in you’ll definitely be peeling your jaws off the floor. Our favorite in the package and quite possibly our favorite Gesaffelstein track to date.

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