Topher Jones – Brohammer (Nari and Milani Remix)Nari Milani

Topher Jones – Brohammer (Nari and Milani Remix)

Dearest bros (and bro-ettes) we come to you today with the most bro-rific, bro-tastic, bro-nified remix in recent memory from none other than Nari and Milani — the same duo that brought us the monstrously huge (but much less bro-y)  “Atom.”  These two prove their production prowess yet again, this time around they take a swing at Topher Jones’s tongue-in-cheek, dubstep jam “Brohammer” transforming the original’s frat-tastic facade with a fast-paced bass line and techno grit. Similar to “Atom” the production quality here is top notch and the groove is extremely infectious.

Be sure to grab this one when it is released on August 7th via Ultra Records.

Watch the original’s video after the break, bro.

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